Kin Lane

(API Evangelist)

A Community Driven API Lifecycle

APIDays Mediterranea

May 2015

{"title":"APIs Are The Future"}

(An API For My Blog)


(More Endpoints To Track On APIs And Service Providers)

LAMP Stack - MySQL (RDS) + PHP / Linux (EC2)

(Easiest Stack Possible)


(Keeping An Eye On Open Source Tools)


(Organizing Valuable Links)


(Adding Curation To My Link API)


(Managing Linkrot Across My Site)


(Taking A Screenshot Of Each Link)

{"people":"Mike Amundsen"}

(Taking A Screenshot Of Each Link)


(Centrally Manage Images)


(Utilties To Assist In Managing My Images)

(Utilties To Manage Entire Stack)

(3Scale For My API Infrastructure)

(Deployed API Evangelist Portal)

(Kept Adding New APIs)

(Messy Database Backend)

(API Mess)

(Architecture Failure)

(Server Reboot)



(APIs.json Collection)

(Discovery Map)

(Independent API Stacks)


minimal surface

minimal on disk

minimal compute

minimal message

minimal network

minimal time to rebuild

minimal time to throw away

minimal ownership

minimal dependencies

(Swagger As Unique API Identifier)


(Kin Lane Master Stack)

(Kin Lane)

(25+ APIs)

(Decoupling of Link Services)

(Decoupling of Image Services)

(Choice Of Container Infrastructure)


(Github Repo As Store)


(Localize My 3Scale)

User Create

User Read

User Update

User Delete

(Localize User Management)

Account Set Credit Card

Account Delete Credit Card

Invoice By Account

Invoice Line Item List

Invoice Payment Transaction List

(Localize Account Management)

Service Plan List

Service Plan Feature List

Service Plan Set To Default

(Localize Service Management)

Application List

Application Create

Application Read

Application Change Plan

Application Key List

Application Key Create

Application Key Delete

Application Usage by Metric

(Localize Application Management)

(3Scale API Stack)

(Kin Lane To API Evangelist)

(3Scale Account Key)

(Interest In Utility APIs)

(Wholesale APIs)

(Provide APIs)

(Open For Business)

(API Service Provider)



(APIs.json Services)

(APIs.json Services)


(APIs.json Inbound Services)

(APIs.json Outbound Services)

(API Changelog)

(APIs.json API Changelog)

(Lifecycle of APIs.json Services)

(Community of APIs.json Services)

API Testing

API Monitoring

API Discovery

API Performance

API Proxy

API Cache

API Performance

API Visualization

API Dictionary

(APIs.json Services)

(Technology of APIs)

(Business of APIs)

(Politics of APIs)



(Single Page Apps)

(Internet of Things)

The End

By Kin Lane (@kinlane)